Each year I wait impatiently for the trout season to start. It's an indescribable feeling to be on the banks, in the crisp morning as the sun starts to rise. Well, not so "crisp" this year as the temperatures are already quite high. I just love that moment of calm before the fish takes the lure and everything just becomes a mad battle where anyone can win!

So at last the long awaited for day has arrived, 7h30 on Saturday morning and my lures are in the water. The light is still low, the conditions are perfect, but after the first few casts, not a single bite. The lure that caught me the most fish last season, the GUNKI KIDDY, just doesn't seem to be working. Or is it me? Have I forgotten how to do it? In this type of situation you have to adapt, so I swapped for a hard lure. The GUNKI GAMERA HW, thanks to its higher density,  ideal to reach the furthest spots. What's more, its thinner profile and impressive stability will enable me to fish the faster flowing zones with rapid animations. It will be on the GAMERA HW in the Truite Fario (brown trout) pattern that I will catch my first beauty in 2017. Sometimes, it pays to change lures, even when it's your favourite one!

First trout for 2017

To cast far I need the adequate rod and this year I have chosen the new 3-15gr GUNKI THINK FINESSE S-228 M/ML.  This rod is just incredible! Its "ultra-fast" action enables you to cast really far and its solid carbon tip to detect the slightest nibble. Its specific action is ideal to cushion the incredible pressure when you set the hook on a trophy fish, reducing the risk of breaking on strike to nothing, even on the lightest gear.

The GUNKI THINK FINESSE S-228 M/ML, casts like a rocket!

All through the week-end I swapped between hard and soft lures, the 2 worked really well depending on the spots. I did however notice that the hard lures where more effective in the morning, but the fish caught on the soft ones, were on average bigger. My secret weapons? Just my two all-time favourites, the GUNKI TIPSY-S and the KIDDY !

Le GUNKI TIPSY-S, size doesn't matter!

The GUNKI KIDDY Grémille, the colour for trout

A trout in perfect condition caught on the GUNKI KIDDY Grémille

After a day of testing my new rod, I know that I have found the one that I will use this year for my trout session. Its hyper sensitivity, feather weight and awesome style all roll into one and make it the perfect trout rod. I love it and, when you fish for such trout, you cannot go for less than perfection, check these beauties.

A great start to the season THINK FINESSE GUNKI style!

Now, the hardest part will be waiting to go back to trout paradise! If you have any questions, contact us via the official Facebook page: