With the first frosts, the water temperature drops making the perch head for the deeper zones as they follow the shoals of bait fish. The slow flowing zones become a prime area to fish as the perch and their prey seek shelter in order to save as much energy as possible. This is my favourite time of year to fish them twitching slowly with hard baits. I always start prospecting the shallows, even though I have just written that the fish are to be found in the deeper zones, I have had some really nice surprises fishing the margins at this time of year.

The shallows, worth fishing, have to be located next to a drop-off leading to a much deeper zone. A particularly productive spot, which I regularly fish, ranges from 80cm to 2 meters but boarders a 4 meter drop-off. The aim is to fish as close as possible to the deeper area twitching the lure slowly to give the perch time to react.

It would be the perfect situation for the Gunki Mothra 60SP, but with a 1.5 meters running depth, it would be more than likely to get snagged on the bottom. So, even though it only goes down to about 70cm, the Gunki Gamera 65 is just perfect for the job.

I have caught many fish just on the lip of the ledge but some days they follow it right up to the shore and wait till the last second to pounce on the lure just before it comes out of the water. Once you have caught a few perch, it’s a good idea to change the colour, as the rest of the shoal will start to become wary. These fish are anything but stupid! By doing something as simple as this could enable you to catch quite a few more perch.

There isn’t one color that’s better than another, it really depends on the fish, the water and light conditions; what might work one day might not work the next!

The water’s cold so remember to fish slowly, making long pauses. This type of animation has been the most productive so far with almost all the bites taking place as the lure lays motionless, suspended, just waiting to be eaten!

This style of fishing works just as well in the summer, so if you want to catch perch all year round, it’s time to start twitching!


May you catch many fish!

Tight lines and until next time