It can be a bit complicated choosing the best suited fishing line regarding all the different conditions and situations you can be faced with throughout the season. I spent part of last year testing a selection of the Pezon & Michel range and now it’s time to help you make the right choice.

The Slide Braid Hyper PE is the perfect braid for fishing with hard baits and for vertical style fishing.

Main Features:

8x strand technology, silent, limp and very smooth. Made in Japan, its’ neon green colour gives great contrast and the fact that it’s uncoated, an overall smaller diameter yet with exceptional abrasion resistance. The knot strength and breaking strength is above average.

Available in 3 diameters:

0.08 - 6,6kg

0.11 - 7.5kg

0.13 - 8.8kg

Add to that the smart packaging and this braid is a “must-have”.

The Finess Hyper PE is a specialist braid for all finess and "slackline" type techniques. The ultra thin diameter, perfectly round section gives you unmatched casting abilities.

This braid, thanks to its’ double tone, is ideal when it is important to visualize exactly what is happening under the surface, you’ll will no longer miss those subtle “on the drop” bites!

Main Features:

4x strand technology, made in Japan, 2 toned (alternately 80cm of olive green and 20cm of yellow) and uncoated.

The Finess Hyper PE is slightly less slick than the Slide Braid, but has an even higher abrasion resistance, outstanding knot and linear strength.

Available in 4 diameters:

0.065 - 4.0kg

0.095 - 5.5kg

0.115 - 7,4Kg

0.135 - 8.6kg

Same smart packaging as the Slide Braid, what more could you ask for!

The Fluorocarbon ICE is, in my opinion, the best on the market and not only because of its’ brilliant packaging.

The edges of spool push against each other, thus closing it without doing any hard to the line. Finished those infuriating line tangles or annoying searches for the tip of the line.

Main features:

Crystal-clear, practically invisible in water, very high abrasion resistance and made in Japan. High sinking capacity, low stretch and incomparable braking strength; basically the perfect FC I’ve been waiting so long for!

Available in 10 diameters:

From 0.17 - 2,21Kg up to 0.53 - 17,38Kg

The Cast Fluorocarbon is the optimal Fluorocarbon main line. Limper than traditional fluorocarbon, it can be used without any hassle on a spinning reel. It’s time to replace your traditional mono by this top grade line!

There is much more that what meets the eye when you first look at this line. During my last stay in Cyprus fishing for bass, I was able to experience just how superior this line is.  I did not lose a single fish on line break during the whole 10 days, which was far from being the case for my friend, even though he was using a far more expensive line!

Main Features:

Extreme knot and abrasion resistance, very "smooth" for greater casting distance and made in Japan.

Available in 5 diameters:

From 0.20 - 2,80Kg up to 0.31 - 7,19Kg

There’s a line for every situation you’ll meet out there, I hope that this article will help you chose the right one, but I know for sure that the Pezon & Michel range will never let you down!


Keep It Rolling


Pezon & Michel (Sensas) is a member of the EFTTA, European Fishing tackle Trade Association, which has set a “line charter” following years of complaints in the industry about incorrectly labeled fishing line. For more info click on the link: EFTTA