It was love at first sight in-between the perch, the new 3.1” (8cm) G’Bump shad and I, the pulsing vibrations it produces just act like a magnet! As soon as I got to the river I made a few short casts along the bank to check the lures action. As its shape had suggested, it had that perfect rolling action and a powerful kicking paddle tail.

The M-MH Gunki Kaze rod, with its 5-20g casting range, is the ideal rod to fish with the 3.1” G’Bump. I decided to try the “do nothing” technique with just a few twitches every now and then like that, I would have an enticing irregular action. Irregular animations are to perch what diamonds are to girls, irresistible!

The first impression that I had when discovering this lure proved correct, the fish just love it. After testing it, I am now sure that the G’Bump will be the soft bait that will enable me to catch many fish and have what it takes to outsmart the big ones!

Whether you simply use the lure with a ‘stop & start” or a “do nothing” style animation, spiced with a few twitches like I did to catch these fish, the G’Bump swims like a charm and even more importantly, catches tons of fish!

On the next session testing the lure, the water was really stained. Not a problem, I just switched my Brown Sugar G’Bump for the Hot Fire Tiger colour! I also changed the round jig head for a stand-up styled one as to emphasize the “do nothing” style of fishing. The lure, as it rests on the bottom, does not tip over and the raised tail moves on its own. Another advantage is that, even thought the lure is on the bottom, the perch can still easily catch it.

The change of colour was a wise choice, in the murky waters of the river, the bright Hot Fire Tiger colour made the perch go wild.

The range of colours available is just perfect to fish any weather or water conditions you will meet. You can literally fish the Gunki 3.1” G’Bump any way you want and it will remain stable and swim like magic. Give it a try you will love it, and so will the perch!


Tight lines

Christian Kitzki