The Pike Addict range has a new rod in its ranks, the Gunki Shigeki 230XXXH, dedicated to satisfying specimen hunters.

In modern lure fishing the hard and soft baits have got bigger and heavier, we had to develop a rod with what it takes to cope with casting them and potentially winning the fight with a river monster!

The Shigeki 230XXXH 84-140gr casting rod is THE rod for doing just that! Its progressive action although more swimbait typed is a good all multi-techniques rod. Fitted with 10 Fuji K guides, it has just the right amount of “softness” to cast big swimbaits all day long without excess fatigue. The long handle balances this rod and will enable you to cast your lures to exceptional distances.

Highly sensitive, you’ll be able to feel every vibration produced by your swimbait and the slightest nibble of those wily pike. When fishing with XXL size lures you need XXL strikes otherwise you won’t stand a chance at landing those river monsters! The tip action of this rod is perfect to set hooks in those rock hard jaws, soft enough not to rip it out but hard enough to set it properly.

The power this rod packs will enable you to work even the biggest pike and still have enough to show him who’s the boss if necessary!  As catfish spread, the chance of hooking one, even when not fishing for them, grows. But believe me, even if you do hook one, this rod has what it takes to fight that underwater giant!  The 3 X’s aren’t there just to look good; this rod is really extra-extra-extra powerful!

In a nut shell, the GUNKI SHIGEKI 230XXXH is a great all round rod for using XXXL lures, fishing exotic destinations and landing the river monster which haunts your dreams


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