New to Pezon & Michel’s last year’s range, the Gunki Shigeki S210 M/ML has already earned a solid reputation. This high quality versatile rod has become a flag ship reference in the brand’s range.

The first time I held this rod I was surprised by its weight, or rather its lack of weight. The carbon used, the cork handle, the Fuji K guides all come together in a top notch ultra sensitive work of art.

Given the wide choice in this range it took me a while to make up my mind on which rod to choose, finally it was the Shigeki M/ML. To begin with I was looking for a rod to drop shot and with its 5 to 18g casting range it would be perfect for heavy applications, fishing long distances and rather deep areas (8-12m).

It actually turned out that this rod was far more versatile than I had initially thought.

In order to perfectly balance my combo, I paired it with a Gunki SW 200 reel spooled with the 0.12 Color Braid. The only problem now was the wait before being able to test my new rod!

The trout season started on the 2nd Saturday of March and it was, at last, time to christen it. I filled my tackle box with a selection of Gunki Gameras, size 50SP and headed to the nearest trout river.  I usually fish there with my Bushi S180L but the extra 30cm of the Shigeki will be really appreciated. It may not seem much, but that added length is the key to guiding the lures through the currents. Anyway, I just couldn't wait any longer to try my new rod!

Despite its meager 2.3g, casting the Gamera wasn't an issue and was actually surprisingly easy. During the afternoon I was able to test the quality of the blank and its high modular carbon during an epic fight with a lovely male trout. 

The rod is sensitive enough to feel the lure rattle as you retrieve, needless to say that when a nice fish grabs your lure it’s like touching a live wire!

Well I suppose I could have guessed it from the moment I first held this rod, but I simply fell in love with it! I mean who wouldn’t; even the fish seem to like it judging by the number of them I have caught with it! I know it’s not the rod that really catches the fish, but with all the top quality components it is made from, it really gives you the upper hand. That, added to the fact that this rod can cast lures way bellow or above its given casting range, makes the Shigeki S210ML/M one of a kind.

I use this rod almost every time I go fishing and I think with almost every lure I have got in my tackle boxes. Be it soft baits, literally, I have tried the whole Gunki range starting with the 1.8" Speed Gun up to the 3.3" Grubby Shad on jig 2 to 10g jig heads. This rod and the Color Braid give you a sonar like capacity to detect what is happening under the surface when fishing for perch, zander...

I even gave the 4.3" Sweep Gun a go when fishing for pike, the rod took it without any problems.

Or be it hard baits, I have indifferently fished with the Gunki Gamera 50 and 60 and the Mothra 60 and 75. Even though the blank is highly sensitive, the slightly soft tip action absorbs the vibrations of the lures saving you discomfort after long hours of casting. I mean, I even fished with the Gigan (39 to 55) range without having to change rod or swap my braid for a monofilament!

Even the size 3 Pezon & Michel Rapide spinners can be used!

And yes, I actually did use it for some drop shotting, after all, that is what I had initially chosen this rod for! Even the smallest nibble was amplified, enabling to hook those little devils of perch.

If I had to choose only one rod from the range, it will come as no surprise, but it would be without hesitation the Gunki Shigeki S210 M/ML. This rod is just something special!


See you soon for some more fishy adventures