It’s late spring and as the temperature rises, I love to fish for the native predators in my local venues. I particularly choose to target asp and chub, preferring to leave the zander alone as they have much more important business to attend to. Well, I also want loads of baby zander that will grow into loads of bigger ones; so I’ll just have to wait until June!

For the first asp session of the season, I load my Gunki backpack with a tackle box that I fill with a selection of hard lures and some other bits of essential gear: Ice fluorocarbon, snaps and the 170mm Gunki aluminum multi function pliers.

One of my favourite lures in the Gunki range is the new Jiger, available in 2 sizes, 16g and 31g, you can fish it even in the fastest flowing rivers or deepest lakes. Traditionally you fish for these fish with light lures on or just under the surface. Although at the beginning of the season, especially at the foot of weirs and in the fast flowing zones, the asp are still holding very close to the bottom. This will of course change as the water temperature continues to rise.

The Jiger is a very easy lure to use and, as its’ name implies, you can jig it or simply power fish it. The vibrations and the “flashes” that the blade on its’ tail makes are just insane. The asp just love it, but beware as they will hit the lure so hard that if you’re not prepared, they can literally rip the rod out of your hands! Being relatively compact and hyper dense you can cast it to record distances and therefore cover vast areas in search of those ever mobile predators.

The ideal rod is the Gunki Bushi S 210 MH as it has what it takes to cast the Jiger but also sufficient power to tame even the biggest asp!

I also use the Gunki Gamera 65 & 90 SP jerk baits, which I also fish with the same rod. I use either a constant “cranking” style retrieve or one punctuated by small jerks. Don’t forget to make long “stops” during the retrieve when the lure gets to the edge of the current as this is a prime strike zone. I prefer the Gamera 65SP for the slower flowing zones. The Gamera 90SP is perfect for the faster flowing areas where it tends to be slightly more stable than its little brother!

Colour wise, I almost always use natural ones and I only use flashy ones when the water is really tainted due to heavy rain. If the current is really strong, then it’s time to use a big boys’ rod: the Gunki Bushi S 218 H. Believe me, you will be glad to have this rod when a monster asp decides that it’s going downstream to try and escape! Many times I have only been able to watch, totally helpless, as a fish rips 20m of braid off my reel!

To add a little “give” and also a bit of protection from abrasion, I always add a good meter of 0.28 Ice fluorocarbon leader.

I love this style of fishing as it’s dead easy and awesome fun when the asp make you jump out of your skin as they smash into your lure when you expect it the least!

So, try it ... because it’s highly addictive ;-)


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