In 2013 the Gunki hard bait range made its debut and has since seen numerous new colours and models join its ranks. There is one lure in this range that I really like: the Gamera. Available in 4 different sizes 128, 90, 65 and 50mm, the smallest one is also my favorite.

Although announced as suspending it is, in fact, a slow floating lure which that is a very good thing. Tied straight to your line, as soon as you start retrieving, it dives and very slowly floats when you stop. With a size 0 or 00 Specialist BLN Pezon & Michel snap it becomes 100% suspending. With or without a snap it has an enticing wobbling action with a slight rolling motion. It reacts to the smallest acceleration and is capable of fishing at the slowest speeds.

To begin with, I wasn’t a fan of small hard baits especially when they only weigh 2.3gr, but during 2013 & 2014, I changed my mind! The Gunki Gamera 50SP is a lure that now I would never leave home without!

For trout I really like the Flash Trout Fry, the Metallic Minnow and the Ghost Trout Fry colours.

For perch the Flash Trout Fry or the Metallic Minnow have my favours

Chub really seem to have a taste for the Ghost Trout Fry or the Flash Trout Fry.

A 50+ that fell for the Gunki Gamera 50SP Flash Trout Fry

I have this lure in the whole colour range and each time I’m fishing for trout, perch or chub, you can be sure that I’ll be using this lure!


See you soon