Brown trout are certainly one of the most beautiful species of fish, not only are they magnificent but they are also great fun to fish for. It's a special feeling to be standing in a stream, surrounded by nature, equipped with light weight top notch tackle, waiting to be rewarded by a red spotted brown devil!

If you follow these few rules, it won’t be long before the first brown trout test the curve on your rod.

Ideally you need to fish against the flow, using it to manoeuvre your lure through the river towards an unsuspecting trout waiting for its next meal to float towards it.

Behind each stone a fish could be hiding, be sure to cover every angle, to do so try and make each cast cover a different area of the potential hot spot. Each pool, channel, counter-current are zones much favoured by those crafty brown trout, but, whether they will bite is another question!

To enable you to fish for hours without fatigue and to quietly sneak through the river, stalking soundlessly over this tricky terrain, your gear should be as light weight as possible.

That’s why I only pack the bare essential: the rod, my trusted 2-7g Gunki Kaze M, a small reel spooled with thin braid 0.08 or 0.10mm, fluorocarbon leader and a selection of lures.

You could also use fluorocarbon as main line as well as leader, but I prefer to fish with braid as it helps to rip through any weed that might snag your line. At the end of the leader I tie on a 00 size Pezon & Michel snap to enable me to swap lures rapidly. As brown trout are ferocious predators, lures can really get them to react; you just need to choose the correct ones.

The choice is simple: a couple of spinners, I swear by the Pezon & Michel Rapide, a few small hard baits, some soft baits and light jig heads, with that you will have all you need to conquer the stream!

Although I usually catch more fish and have more bites on spinners, I am increasingly using hard baits as they are complementary in many situations.

This time was true to that, we both, Marco and myself, caught a lot of fish on spinners.

But I caught the biggest one of the day on a "Ghost Trout Fry" Gunki Gamera 50 SP, now my favourite lure!

Brown trout are very fragile fish, which is why you should never leave them out of the water for too long.  I caught and released, with care, this beauty of 56cm and I hope to catch her again when she’ll be over 60!

So find yourself a nice creek and catch a beauty like this one!

I wish you a lot of fun



Christian Kitzki