As a catfish enthusiast, I have the privilege and the pleasure to help develop and conceive gear related to catching the ultimate freshwater sports fish for Pezon et Michel; let me present you the dedicated catfish Titan range.

Quite often catfish have a bad reputation, but that is only because they have a scary appearance and can grow to outrageous proportions. But believe me the only problem with fish is the instant addiction it creates the moment you hook your first one! No need to travel abroad to bend a rod to its limit or to experience extreme sensations, just catch a catfish! With the rest of the catfish team we have been working for the last few years to develop the Titan series of fishing gear, and at last our work has paid. Being part of this team means that dreams, experience and testing all come together to produce top range kit in the only way that counts: on the water! Whatever your favorite technique, be it fishing from the bank or in a boat, I am certain there is what you are looking for. Let me present you this specialized and dedicated range that covers the whole spectrum of fishing techniques for catfish.
So let’s start with the rods, probably the most important part of the gear when fishing for catfish. They have been developed with top notch materials and components; it is the only way we can guaranty they will resist the extreme conditions they will be used in!

Carbone and composite fiber blanks
Reinforced SIC double guides
Double whipping
Oversized reinforced SIC tip guide

With these fish there is only one rule to remember, you have got to show who is boss, but to do that you need the right kit! Each rod has the muscle to fight these heavy weight champs and yet remain sufficiently progressive to counter their insane rushes.

I will start with 4 rods from the lure range,

1) The TITAN XXL CAST, 2.70m, 60/180gr test
Ideal when fishing from a bank thanks to its length you will be able to make long distance casts and be able to fish around or above anything that might get in your way. Light yet strong, these rods combine the comfort and power necessary when fishing for these monsters! Perfect for fishing with big hard or soft baits, like the catfish killer, the 17cm Gunki Grubby Gun!

2) The TITAN XXL CAST, 2.30m, 60/120gr test
Initially designed for boat fishing, you can also use it when fishing from the bank.  Light, in 2 sections this reliable rod will never let you down.


3) The TITAN PLAY, 2.60m, 30/80gr test, max 120gr
An all round rod, designed to be used when targeting catfish, but sufficiently sensitive to detect the even the smallest zander nibble! Just what you need when the water levels start to rise and catfish and zander move to the same feeding zones. Here is a ‘small’ one caught with this rod during high winter levels.


4) The TITAN BOAT, 2.30m, 150/250gr test

As you will have guessed this rod has been developed for use from a boat when using lures but also for vertical style fishing.

Talking about vertical style fishing let me present you the range dedicated to that effect.


5) The TITAN XXL VERTICAL, 2.10m 80/180gr and 120/220gr test

Of the 2 rods in this series, the 80/180gr has the lightest test; I use it a lot to fish the Seine River around Paris. The tip action of this rod is ideal to detect bites and then in the next second, the progressive action of the rod kicks in to counter the insane rushes as braid screams out of the reel! I also use it when fishing from a float tube.

The more powerful version, (120/220gr) is THE rod when specimen fishing, it was specifically developed for the monsters that haunt the Rhone River. Built to withstand extreme fishing conditions and stop those underwater tractors, this is the ultimate big fish boat rod!
6) The TITAN XXL FIREBALL, 2.00m, 150/220gr test :
One of the most productive fishing technique when going for catfish, we could not create a dedicated range without this specific rod.
Short (only 2.00m), a 150/250gr test with a progressive curve and a tip sensitive enough to detect even the smallest bite. Its specific action will buffer those insane rushes and yet retain the edge for this ‘delicate’ technique fishing for those aquatic brutes!
7) The TITAN XXL ALIVE, 3.00m, 150/500g test
To be used for live bait fishing with a catfish size float! Its outrageous reserve of power will enable you to catch even the biggest murky water leviathan. Just as for all the rod of the range, this one has been built using only the best, hardest wearing components. It length, power and perfectly dosed … will all help you catch the fish of your dreams 


But a rod without a reel is like a car without wheels, looks good but you are not going anywhere or catching any fish! Enter the Titan catfish reels, just like the rods, they have been developed, tested and used in real life hardcore fishing situations. Rugged and indestructible, these reels are the perfect match for the Titan rods.
The TITAN XXL FV  450:  the smaller reel of the series, perfect for vertical, lure and the lighter techniques (well as light as you can get when going for catfish!), great combo with the XXL Vertical, Fireball or Titan Boat rods.
The TITAN XXL FV 750: totally at ease when used with heavy soft and hard lure or even  float fishing from the edge. The very deep spool is just what you need to pack in sufficient large diameter braid to counter those unstoppable brake screaming rushes. To be paired with the XXL Cast  or XXL Alive rods.

There you go, almost all of the dedicated catfish Titan range, there is still loads more kit to present (rigs, braid, gloves…) so stay tuned. Now is time to prove that the Pezon and Michel Titans rule the water!
Go get those cats!