As a rule, I never go fishing for pike without my Gunki Bushi rods. Depending on what technique I will be using, I will choose the appropriate rod. If the technique of the day is fishing with hard baits, like the Gunki Gigan, Itoka (up to the 155F size), Gamera or Mothra, then it will be the Gunki Bushi 210-H casting rod.

I also use this rod when fishing with soft bait from the Gunki range, like the Grubby Gun, Grubby Shad, Grubby Frog...

It is my choice rod when fishing for bass in heavy cover when you really have to show them who is boss!

When I am after specimen fish with big lures, then it is time to arm myself with the Gunki Bushi C 220-XH+ rod. Perfect when using big soft baits from the Pike Addict range like the 17cm Gubby Gun, the 15 and 19 cm Sweep Gun or even the Illex Dexter Shad. I also love to fish with this rod when using big hard baits, like the Gunki Itoka 210S or the Illex Dexter Jerk. Basically, it is THE rod when fishing with lures of over 50gr.

Whatever the season or wherever you are fishing there will always be just the rod you need in the Gunki range!
See you soon