In 2014 the trout range has been revamped and extended. Let me take you on a guided tour of a selection of “must haves” when fishing for trout. Who knows, it might be just what you have been looking for!

The ISERE EAUX VIVES live bait rod measures 3.90m, new addition to the trout range inspired by the Feather Weight series.

With its 14 sic guides, EVA/cork handle and high modular MI carbon blank, the ISERE tips the scales at only 149gr! Well balanced, this rod has got the muscle to beat even the biggest fish. Perfect to use in very fast flowing waters when you need to fish heavy. I use it with the 14°° Color Line, this combination guarantees precise casts will and total control, enabling you to master any fish, in any situation. A great “value for money” rod.

The EAUX VIVES HERITAGE CHEST PACK: greatly missed, it is now back. Redesigned, it boasts a “chic” look and extra added feature, it is the ultimate trout fishing accessory. 

Years ago, I swapped my multi-pocket fishing jacket for a chest-pack, and not once have I regretted doing so! Forget endless searching through countless pockets as all is organized in the same place at a hands reach. Two 25 by 18cm compartments enable you to carry more kit than necessary. The front opens up to form a “tray” ideal to rig your line without losing half of your gear in the river. The tray is also lined with high density foam in which you can fix hooks, lures…etc.

Retainer elastics, a central divider and web pockets complete the organizing system.

An 18 by 25 by 7cm back pack, enables you to take a small bottle of water, a light weight rain coat or any other additional gear you might need. The webbing on the shoulders ensures all day comfort and breathability.

I also use this chest pack when lure fishing for trout, it is a faultless, all round, light weight, multi-purpose piece of fishing gear that I highly recommend.

The BI-COLOR EAUX VIVES NYLON: an evolution of the already great COLOR LINE nylon series, this two toned version is now available. Spooled on all of my reels, I use it for lure and live bait fishing with insects for trout. Perfectly visible and with amazing “castability” it has just the right amount of elasticity. 3 color combinations are available: green / yellow, pink / white and orange / white.

For low light situations and beginning of the season I like to use the green / yellow version. The other 2 are just right for summer time and lure fishing. The combinations of colors used enable the BI-COLOR NYLONS to be discreet yet sufficiently visible for perfect control. I use them not only for my own fishing, but also, as a professional trout fishing guide.

I hope that you will try my 2014 selection of trout fishing gear that has been designed by fishermen to be used by fishermen.

Till the next article or until we meet on the river bank.

Lionel ARMAND.

Professional Fishing Guide in the Pyrenees Mountains

Trout specialist.