Damage to rods almost always happens during transport: going down the stairs, in a door, in the car, during long rides in the boat are just a few critical situations. A lot of anglers develop an emotional relationship with their fishing gear, so the slightest scratch can wreak the day and for anyyone a broken tip or crushed guide is just disastrous!

Luckily for us Gunki has the solution.

As its name implies, the Rod Sock is a cover that you slide onto your rod like you would do with a sock on your foot. It works even when the rod is rigged, protecting not only the blank, the guides but also the line.

Finished infuriating rod tangles.

Finished rods rattling against each other in car.

Finished snagging of your line in the undergrowth.

Technical specifications:

The casting sock is 170 cm long and has a diameter of 25mm.

The spinning sock is also 170 cm long and has a diameter of 40mm.

These socks are perfect for rods up to 220cm in length.

It is made out of a washable, quick drying and resistant material. The tip sports the Gunki logo and a metal eye. A ‘must have’ to make sure your fishing gear stays in perfect condition all year round!

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