Drop shotting is regularly overlooked and wrongly considered as a boring technique. This is a big mistake, like many “slow” techniques, when fishing gets hard, it can really save the day!

When it’s vertical time, anglers rarely think to use a drop shot rig as thought as too complicated. In a future article I will do a tutorial on how to tie a drop shot rig. Once you have mastered it, it is dead easy to use and highly effective!

Ideally you need to use light weight tackle with this method, for me the Gunki Shigeki S 198ML with a casting weight of 3-12g is perfect. Sensitive enough to detect the smallest nibble yet with sufficient back bone to tackle a big fish. I use the ICE Fluorocarbon, which is available in diameters ranging from 0.17 to 0.53 mm. When targeting perch and zander I use 0.22 to 0.34 mm but if it’s a pike day you’ll have to use the larger diameters!

Fishing mainly from a boat I don’t need to use heavy gear. If I was fishing from the shore I would switch to the Gunki Shigeki S 210M which will enable me to cast further and use heavier rigs. I really like the nose hooking method as the fish tend hook better that way. They target the area that moves the least (the head of the lure) as it is easier to catch. What’s more, when rigged like that, as the fish inhales the lure it always enters head first, the lure pivots around the hook, ensuring maximal hook-up ratio even on small fish.

There are many types of soft baits that can be fished on a drop shot rig and not only the so-called "No Action" ones. I love to fish with the Gunki C’Eel Worm and the Gunki Fix Minnow from the Bass Addict range. When using the C'Eel Worm if you feel that it's too long, you can just cut in down to the right size. The super responsive material of this lure works magic as the slightest twitch of your rod will make its tail move.

So next time you go vertical fishing, take a dropshot rod and give it a go and who knows, you might be really surprised! Where it is allowed, you can always let this second rod “troll” while fishing vertical style.


No Release No Glory

Yours Stephan