Each year the Gunki range gets bigger and better and the new Gunki BCR 400 HD casting reel is the perfect example. As a specimen hunter, I had been in search of a reel that would enable me to cast big lures when fishing for monster pike and catfish.

This reel is a gem, light weight yet packed with muscle, a brake that can stop a freight train and with just what it takes of “bling” to make it catch the eye. It palms nicely, the side that sits in your hand being slightly smaller than the other and its adjusted weight balances perfectly the Shigeki 230XXH and the new Iron T XH & XXH big bait rods.

Having tested this reel during 2015, I have really punished it casting lures of over 200g thousands of times and not once has it let me down. The distances I can cast those specimen size lures never ceases to amaze me, yes it’s a big bait reel but it casts like a dream!

The 4/7.1 ratio is just what you need to work effortlessly those lures in a slow retrieve that big pike cannot resist. What’s more, this real has got a serious brake on it, not once have I felt that a fish had the upper hand and when specimen fishing that is essential: cast, strike and win every time!

So, if you fish for big pike or any other hard fighting underwater monsters this reel is for you. The Gunki BCR 400 HD is the type of reel that will never let you down cast after cast and fish after fish.