I had been waiting a long time for a reel like the Gunki BC 2000 HG to become part of the range and, as soon as I was able to test it, I have to admit that this reel instantly became my favourite one! At last I had a reel that could enable me to switch from finesse to power fishing in a few clicks!  I tried it with lures as light as the 5.3g Gunki Gamera 65SP up to ones as heavy as a Grubby Shad on a 40g jig head and in many different conditions (wind, rain...). In every situation, no matter which lure I used, I was able to cast with ease and at great distance!

If you're new to the bait casting scene, getting the different brakes adjusted can be a nightmare, so in this article I will explain a few essential tips to help you get the most out of your Gunki BC 2000 HG.

The magnetic brake can be adjusted from outside via the knob from  0 to 10. 0 being the minimum and 10 the maximum. This brake is the one that will help slow the spool towards the end of your cast as the lure loses speed or when casting into the wind.

To access the centrifugal brake, you need to  press the silver Gunki button and simultaneously rotate the side plate downwards with your fingers. Once you've done it a couple of times it's dead easy!

Now you have removed the side plate you can see the magnets of the centrifugal brake. In order to adjust the "pins"  of the centrifugal brake, on the spool turn the setting from 0 to 4 depending on how much brake you want to add. It's stiff to turn but, like that it will not change on its own. The higher the setting the more "brake" is applied to the spool thus helping reduce backlash.

Personally I set it on 1 which enables me to cover the different styles of fishing I do. To begin with you need to try different configurations to find which one works best for you. Start by using max brakes and reduce gradually in order to find your personal optimum settings. The external friction brake on the right hand side is ideal when you need to fine tune the reel for casting lighter lures. It also helps reducing backlash. Turning it clockwise  increases the fiction it applies to the spool whereas anti-clockwise reduces friction to the spool. Like before, start by using max brake and reduce gradually in order to find your personal optimum settings.

The star shaped knob just under the handle is for adjusting the reels' drag, turn it clockwise to reduce and anti-clockwise to increase.

Just so that you can appreciate the versatility of the Gunki BC 2000 HG, here is a selection of lures I use with this reel. The combos I fish with it are the Iron T C 198-ML (3.5-15g), the Shigeki C- 200MH (12-28g) & the Shigeki C 210H (10-35g).

In order to protect this little gem I use the Gunki Neoprene reel cover, it really keeps your reel and line safe during transport and also looks great!


Until next time

Yours Stephan