As a specimen hunter I am always thrilled when a new “Big” soft bait is added to the range. It was the case with the Pike Addict versions of the Roller and the Sweep Gun but, 2 years ago, the moment I got my hands on a prototype of the Gunki G’Bump, I just knew that it had massive potential. Throughout the testing phase we reshaped and worked the lure until it became the big, very big pike magnet it is now.

For neophytes, all shads look the same but, with experience, there are a few small details that really make this lure one of a kind. The density of the plastic it’s made out of paired with the shape of its paddle tail produce long and ultra powerful vibrations. In front of the paddle tail is a cut-out joint that enhances the rolling action of the lure. The vibrations that this lure produces are so powerful that you can feel them in your  rod as you fish, if ever they stop, don’t think twice and strike as there’s a fair chance Sir Pike has discretely grabbed your lure.

The exclusive soft plastic formulation the G’Bump is made of has many advantages. Its shape and softness enable you to rig on light jig heads and therefore enable you to fish very shallow zones. When fishing like that, I rig it on a 10gr Pike Addict G’Foot jig head and even with a 1/0 treble stinger on its back, its action is not hindered. You can literally fish it on spot, insisting in the strike zone until the fish grabs it and the fight begins! The softness of the G’Bump also helps hook-up ratios on shy or small fish as it will “fold” on the take going much further into the pikes mouth than a harder version would.

Its big size and the vibrations it generates seem to really select big pike. Even if the smaller ones will give it a go, if there’s a big one lurking, I just know that the 20cm of the G’Bump will get that lunker to bite! I am lucky to be able to have access to private quarries and lakes where there are some very big fish and it is unthinkable for me to go fishing without a box full of 20cm G’Bump! Having the right gear is the basis of specimen fishing, a powerful rod, click on the link to read David Pierrons selection: Big bait rods, a reliable reel, click again on the link to read my review on the Gunki BCR 400 HG and of course a selection of 20cm G’Bump! If ever you find it a bit too big or too heavy to cast with your gear, try the 14cm version, it also works wonders on big pike, like this 117cm beast caught by Frédéric Jullian: Monster Spanish Pike.