This year I will start my pike season in Ireland, on the big lakes of the Mayo County, as a professional fishing guide, this is where I spend most of my time fishing.

I’ll start prospecting the shallow bays where the pike have finished spawning as they have since been colonized by big perch and bait fish come to spawn also. Why there? Simply because the pike will be nearby, ever ready to grab an easy meal in order to replenish spent energy lost while spawning.

It is at this time of the year that the really big female pike can be caught as they come to feed on the perch and bait fish. The hard part is to be able to find them as they move around a lot, visiting different hot spots in these vast zones.

Pike will not be the only species that I will fish for, so I’ll use different techniques on the same zones. Around islands, just before the drop-off, I’ll target trout and on the weedy shallows, pike. But more importantly, I’ll frequently come back to the same spots and fish them again as the pike can start feeding at any moment!

I will also prospect the deep areas around the bays and the islands using the sonar in search of shoals of perch or trout. If I find anything interesting, I’ll swap from “prospecting” mode to a more “insistent” style of fishing.

This year I will be using 2 new combos:

The new Gunki Iron-T C 225 XH rod paired with the new Gunki BCR 400 HD casting reel, that I’ll spool with 0.21 braid. With a test weight of 30-80g, this rod will enable me to use a wide variety of lures: the 19 cm Sweep Gun rigged weightless style, the Grubby Gun on a 5g jig head, the Dogora Wake 170 and the 21g Spinnaker spinnerbait with a 14.5cm V2ib as a trailer. With this selection I’ll be able to fish both shallow areas and drop-offs. To fish the deeper zones, I’ll use the Kaiju 115, the Kaiju Spin and the Wob and Rollcat spoons.

 For a bit more muscle, I’ll use the Gunki Iron-T C 240XXH and its 40-140gr test paired also with the Gunki BCR 400 HD but spooled this time with 0.28 braid. This combo will be just perfect for using the 20cm G’Bump and Roller Gun rigged on 30gr jig heads and the new Grubby Free. This will also be my choice combo for my favourite lure: the Gunki Itoka 210.

With this 2 combos and selection of lures I should be able to face all the conditions that I will potentially meet tough out the beginning of the season.

If you want to discover this magical region, its breathtaking landscape and unforgettable fish, just contact me and let me be your guide.

See you soon.

Guillaume LE GARREC