In his last article, EARLY SEASON ASP (click on the link to read it), Stephan Heid explained how to catch this crazy fish from the bank. In this article I will explain how I fish for them from a boat. To start with, you need, and I mean NEED the 10cm version of the new Gunki Whiz. These lures just have something special that asp cannot resist.

I regularly fish them rigged on a 10g G'Slide, G'Fish or G'Skull jig head but if it’s windy, I’ll swap to a 14g version. I really like the G’Shull jig head as its’ specific shape gives the lure great stability and as soon as you stop retrieving, it instantly tips forward which is often the key to trigger reflex bites.

For an optimal hook-up ration, the point of the hook should be really clear of the lure.

Instead of braid, I much prefer to use 0.26 Clear Color Line. Why nylon? Simply because I find it really helps control the unstoppable rushes and acrobatic jumps of these fish. I also use the same line when fishing for them with hard lures.

I like to use a size 400 reel, perfect for high speed retrieves and a short sensitive rod like the Shigeki 198ML or the Yurai S 190.

It’s not a complicated technique, you cast and retrieve, the Gunki Whiz will do the rest! If the asp are hunting near the surface then you need to retrieve fast to very fast. If they are not active or holding deeper, in that case, slow things down and let the Gunk Whiz run deeper. Just remember to hold your rod tightly because these fish can take the lure with insane violence.

As Stephan has already written, the Gunki Whiz is almost identical in shape and size to the asp’s usual menu. Combined with hyper realistic or super flashy colours, you will always find one in the range to fit the conditions you’ll meet on the water.

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