The Gunki V² range is based on a specific double vibration. For the V²ib, its signature vibration is created by its tail and the fine membrane style dorsal fin. The unique shape generates a short vibration but with a high frequency movement of its tail.

In this review I'll explain how and why I really like this lure when fishing for perch.

I mainly use the 3'' (7.5cm) size as it enables me to target 20cm + perch but, you can also use the size above, 4.1'' (10.5cm). The thin build of the lure means that it "folds" as the fish takes it ensuring a really good hook-up ratio even with the bigger versions.

When the water is clear, the sun shining and the fish targeting bait fish, I like to use natural colours like the Gremille, the Salt and Pepper or the White Snow Blue Flake.

If the water is tainted or in low light conditions, then it's time to use aggressive colours like the Orange Chart Belly or the Hot Fire Tiger… but, I must admit that my all time favourite is the Lime Chart Pink.

I am a strong believer in colour coordination between lure and jig head, even so sometimes it pays to go against the grain and opt for a colour contrast, a bright coloured head and natural body for example. The choice of the weight and the shape of the jig head is also something that should not be neglected and thanks to the wide range of jig heads in the Pezon & Michel range we are more than spoiled for choice! The V²ib specific shape, a mixture of shad and finesse, makes it perfect for two very different styles of animation. For a shad style animation I’ll use the 5 to 8gr G’Round jig heads and for a darting finesse style animation, like I would get with the Gunki Kiddy, the 5 to 7gr G’Slide jig heads.

I do not advise to use heavier heads with the 3’’ lures as the length of the hook will kill its swimming action. With the 4.1’’ version, 10g and more jig heads will not be a problem. As perch really react well to fast diving lures, the key is to find the optimal combination of jig head weight and swimming action. The G’Skull jig head is a very good option when the fish respond to rapidly diving actions as its low centre of gravity makes it flip downwards as soon as you release the tension on your line.

The V²ib is also great for fishing weedy, rocky or branchy spots as its thin body is perfectly adapted for texas style jig heads or hooks. Just what you need to fish those areas where no one in their right mind would normally cast a lure!

Regardless of the type jig head used, I invariably use the same base animation. An up and down action mid-water or, if close to the bottom, by making contact with it. The shape of the head will do the rest, either it will swim straight or “dart”.

For the rest of the gear, I recommend M to ML power rods of at least 2m10 in order to control the lure’s action. In the Gunki range the Shigeki S210M/ML, the Iron-T S210ML and S228M will be just the rods for the job.

A size 200/250 reel will balance the combo perfectly, spooled with 0.11 to 0.13 Slide Braid or Color Braid and you will ready to fish!

Don’t forget a terminal leader of 0.17 to 0.24 Ice Fluorocarbone for maximal discretion.

I mostly use 0.22 even when the water is crystal clear. I have never registered less bites and this “stronger” diameter enables me to control fish even in the most complicated situations and also land bigger species as perch will not be the only fish to take the Gunki V²ib …

This lure instantly became one of my favourite ones for perch fishing and over time it also has for other species. So if you could only chose one lure for perch, then the V²ib it is!


See you soon