With each new year comes a new range of lures and, so far, one has really impressed me: the Gunki Whiz.

Part of the « Think Finess Game » range, this shad shaped lure has a few unique features that sets it way above all the other soft baits on the market.

It some ways, it doesn’t look dissimilar to a bleak. Its oversized eyes, realistic fins all add up to making it look like a living fish. The fins and wide belly give it extra stability which can actually enable it to rest on the bottom without falling sideways.

The long body and thin tail of the Whiz produce lively & tight vibrations. Since the beginning of the season I have used it mainly for linear style fishing and it has proven to be deadly on perch and zander.

Its large head adapts perfectly to the 7 and 10gr Gunki G’Slide jig head. The hydrodynamic shape of its head is ideal when you want your lure to glide effortlessly through the water as soon as you lift your rod. In order to obtain an enticing wallowing action, just stop reeling and accompany the lure as it dives before starting to reel again.

The Gunki Whiz is also a great lure when you have to really slow things down. Fished vertically, the slightest movements generate small subtle vibrations thanks to its hyper mobile tail and tonic plastic. The thin body section will enable you to reduce the weight of the jig head and, when the fish are not biting correctly, it can be just the trick to get that lip on the hook.

The colour range for the 2016 debut has all the classics but, in 2017, a few new ones will be added to the line-up. My favourite ones so far the Gremile, the Snow White and the Hot Fire Tiger, and believe me, I’m not the only one who likes them!

Jean-Mi, Pro fishing guide in the Aveyron region, France.