Winter is coming and the water temperatures in the lakes will begin to drop. This generally implies that the predators will slow down their feeding during the first days of the cooling. As soon as the morning frost become regular and the midi-day temperatures stay below 10°C, it’s time to adapt your technique.

In order to maintain the catch rhythm, nothing better than opting for slower techniques like vertical style presentations. Shad type lures are not the best choice as they tend to produce too powerful vibrations; it’s time to go finesse. For these situations my favourite lure is the awesome GUNKI V2RIGGLE. It boasts all the characteristics of a finesse style lure: a slim soft body that reacts to the slightest movement and a special V tail that is the key to its success.

I mainly use the 5.1’’ (13cm) version which, for where I use it, is the most versatile one. Specimens hunters will love the biggest size, 18cm of big fish magnet, click on the link to read how to fish it XXL drop-shot style! Colour wise, I love the White Snow Blue Flake, the Light Minnow and the Apple Green.

I rig the lures on G’VERTI jig heads which, thanks to their special shape, enable to “land” the lure on the bottom and still catch fish. The flattened base of the wedge shaped jig head stops the lure from falling on its side. The upwards angle of the hook has a double advantage: it keeps the lure off the bottom and at the same time positions the lure in the ideal position to be sucked up by a fish. When the fish aren’t biting correctly I add a size 14 stinger hook on the last third of the lure.

An essential part of the gear is the terminal leader, I like to use a long section of 0.22 ICE FLUOROCARBONE to reduce the vibrations created by the braid, some days this can really make a big difference. You must use the smoothest braid possible and for that the SLIDE BRAID is just perfect.

Your prospection must be very slow (0.2-0.4 km/h), sometimes you even have to stay on the same spot, just above the detections without moving a meter in order to trigger a bite. The fish aren’t active so it’s a question of making them want to take the lure. They don’t want to come it’s up to you to go to them and offer them something irresistible, a V2RIGGLE!

Un group of zander under a shoal of baitfish.

As you’ll have guessed, the V2Riggle is one of my “must have” lures that I will not leave at home when winter comes!

See you soon and if you have any questions you can contact me via the French official Facebook page: