We are right in the middle of the season that I prefer for vertical style zander fishing.  So it also means that it’s now that I will be using my favourite lure, the GUNKI V2RIGGLE. Over the years shad shaped lures have been giving me less and less results at this time of year be it fishing linear or vertical style.  So I have search for a more discreet alternative which I have at last found in the deadly stealth of the V2RIGGLE.

Available in 3 sizes, 13, 15 and 18cm, it is with the 15cm version that I have had the most impressive results. I rig it on the GUNKI G’FOOT jig head as its shape will emphasize the light natural rolling action of the lure. The flow of the water around the oval shape of the head will create a left to right movement that will be amplified by the lure’s motion and generate an irresistibly natural swimming action. The jig head’s unique shape also offers less resistance than a classically shape football head and, when fishing in the current, it’s a real plus. I really love 2 particular colours: the BROWN SUGAR for clear water conditions and the CHART ORANGE BELLY for dirty water conditions.

Ok, but what’s so special about this lure? Well as soon as the temperatures drop, the fish don’t respond as well as usual to the strong vibrations that shad type lures produce. This finesse lure, with its bifid tail, generates random light vibrations that are just what it takes to get those wary fish to bite. Depending on how the fish react I’ll fish it differently, either I’ll not move at all letting the current work the lure or I’ll try and trigger the fish by animating it with small but sharp jerking actions. The ultra soft body and cut out sides on the last 2/3 of the lure will make it react to the slightest nudge of your rod.

One of the keys to success when fishing vertical style is the quality of the braid you use, its surface must be as smooth as possible so that it really cuts through the water. I haven’t found a better one so far than the SLIDE BRAID which I use in the 0.11mm diameter. I also add a good length of 0.29mm ICE FLUROCARBON but, if the zone is snaggy, I’ll go up to 0.34mm. This year I’ve been using the GUNKI YURAI S-190MH rod that in my opinion is the ideal balance in between lightness, sensibility and power.

We are generally not used to using finesse type lures which is a big mistake when you look at the results that our Dutch friends have with this style of lures. These lures, and even more so, the GUNKI VRIGGLE are to be used as soon as the fishing gets hard. Believe me, zander, big zander and pike just love it!

So, now you know all about my secret specimen lure, next time you are out on the water and the fish aren’t biting, rig a GUNKI V2RIGGLE. But beware, this lure may produce mini vibrations, but it triggers maxi attacks so hold on tight and get ready to bend some carbon and make your reel scream!

See you soon and if ever you any questions, contact me via the official Facebook page: