I am a specimen hunter et always in search of that little something that will enable me to get that big one to bite. I have to admit that this year, with the new GUNKI G'FLIP head I have struck lucky! To cut a long story short, let's just say that this jig head has changed the way I fish for big pike with soft lures

1) A pike has a mouth full of teeth, very sharp teeth and with the violence of the fight, a lure can quickly be cut to bits.

2) Though use, fights, changing jig heads... you end up having to glue the lure to a head. This means that at term, you end up with a huge number of rigged lures in order to follow the fish depending on where they are holding.

3) Being also as unpredictable as zander, you have to be able to adapt your animation and potential the way you rig your lure.

Well, just believe me, all these problems are a thing of the past thanks to the new GUNKI G'FLIP jig head!

The new GUNKI G'FLIP jig head.

Let's talk about pike's capacity to change our favourite lures into sashimi. During the fight our lure is going to be more often than not, stuck in between two jaws filled with razor blades with a fish hell bent on shaking its head like fury as soon as it can! You get the picture. This is where the G'FLIP has a couple of invaluable advantages. First of all, thanks to the articulation, the fish has less leverage to help it throw the hook, especially with oversized texas style hooks. Second, if you rig the lure using the provided screw, you can add stingers with trebles and, 9 times out of 10, when a fish bites, the lure is ejected from its mouth. So there again less chance of losing a fish and a lure that will last a 1000 times longer! Last but not least, depending on the way the fish bite, you can easily adapt the rigging and the size of the hooks.

A G'FLIP + stingers = longer lure life expectancy!

Throughout the years I have spent fishing for this magnificent predator, I have accumulated boxes and boxes of rigged lures. Even now, with experience, I am able to reduce the quantity a bit, no joking, we are still talking about a couple of dozen of kilos of plastic and lead!  The first time I rigged a G'FLIP I immediately adopted it. At last my boxes were going to drastically shed weight! Why? Well simply because, at home, you can pre-rig all your soft lures with the screws provided, you can also buy some spare ones, or use a texas style hook. Then, depending on the conditions of the fish's mood,  you just need to add the clip and adequate weight. It is as simple as that! This head will enable you to swap from 5 to 28 g in the blink of an eye!

The G'FLIP or how to gain time and reduce tackle box weight.

The G'FLIP also helps you adapt rapidly and easily your animations. Usually I fish for pike with soft lure using a steady retrieve styled animation. You cast, let sink to the desired depth and reel. But, sometimes that just doesn't work. If those cases, I reduce the weight of the head to get a more natural gliding action and fish using ample, but slow, pulling movements. The articulation helps my lure to swim, even on really light heads. This works like magic in deep areas, but also in holes in weed beds. So when it seems as if the fish are asleep, I always try this style of fishing and it is often then that I catch my biggest pike!

G'Bump rigged on a 10 g G'FLIP.

So, now you know you I love the G'FLIP so much, click on the link for more technical info on this head. Up to you now to go and try and catch a specimen pike with it! Be sure to send us your photos and get featured on the official GUNKI Facebook page. If you have any questions, just contact us via Facebook :

François Lafond