Asp are a fascinating fish that more and more anglers in search of extreme sensations are targeting! Insane surface attacks, bulldozer rushes all packed into one hyper wary fish : these predators are a match even for a catfish nut like myself!


One awesome fish!

They have become one of my early season favourite species. As soon as the first rays of the sun start to warm the water, they seem to come alive and the big ones let loose aquatic mayhem. You can see them hunting on the surface, chasing bait fish, jumping here and there and transforming clam waters into a boil!


Asp, wary and powerful!

I love fishing for them with really light gear: GUNKI IRON T 183-ML rod, GUNKI THF FV 1500 reel spooled with 0.11 mm SLIDE BRAID and a 0.22 mm FLUORO ICE leader. Despite its light test (1.5 to 10 g) this rod boasts an insane backbone and is capable of launching lures into space. I fish with this light combo for maximal sensations, but also because I fish from a watercraft (kayak or belly boat). From the bank, I would use the GUNKI IRON T 210-MH  and a 0.25 mm FLUORO ICE leader. Above all, light gear is a real asset when fishing for these naturally suspicious and finicky fish.


A finesse approach can really pay off especially on the bigger fish.

I have 3 lures that I really love: the MEGALON 60 & 75 F and the 75S. Depending on the size of the bait fish the asp are focused on I will swap in between the two floating models. And, if ever I have more follows than bites, I use the sinking version so as to be able to fish just beneath the surface. Some days when they just will not bite on a classic surface style lure, using a sub-surface action can make all the difference! Animation wise, well it's full tilt from start to finish with a hyper fast walking the dog style animation. This will potentially trigger wrist wrenching takes! Try short pauses every now and then, particularly with sinking version which will slowly sink rolling from side to side and irresistibly flashing its flanks! I really like natural colours and the Snow Minnow or the Copper Minnow.


Asp on surface lures: sensational!

To put all chances on my side, I never go fishing without my GUNKI FLOAT GM landing net. Completely floating it is just perfect for this style of fishing. If ever it should fall in the water, no worries, it will just float on the surface. What is more, with its long elastic cord, there is no risk losing it. Thanks to the deep net, you can even leave a fish in it while getting things straight after an epic battle! Practically smell-free because the rubberized mesh does not absorb water, slime or dirt. Be it from a belly boat or a kayak, you just have to have this net!


The GUNKI FLOAT GM landing net, a must have for kayak or a belly boat

Even if my all time favourite species remain catfish, I  have to admit that I really like the insane asp! So as the asp are out and playing, if you catch a nice fish with our gear and share it on the Facebook Gunki Group and Pages. If you have any questions, just contact us via Facebook :