As an absolute bass fan, I thought that I just had to present you a lure from the awesome "Bass Addict" range that I really love: The GUNKI FIX MINNOW.

The GUNKI FIX MINNOW, bass love it!

I tried this lure for the first time during a session from the shore, fishing for black bass on a venue that I know really well and where the fish are used to lures.  On that particular day, the fish just would not react to my VISTA WORMs rigged wacky style that usually they seemed to find irresistible. After 3 refusals on the trot (even with different colours and sizes), it was time to make a change, the fish just did not fancy a worm. I took 5 minutes to try and understand what had gone wrong for the last half hour and came to the conclusion that it was time to change lure. After I quick check of my options in my backpack, I decided to opt for a Pumpkin Red Flake FIX MINNOW which should be able to get those surface cruising bass to react, thanks to a natural weightless presentation. So back to my "Indian" style approach, and once a fish of over 40 cm spotted, I flicked my FIX just in its path and... Bang! It literally jumped on the lure, I did not even have time to give a little twitch! Over the next two hours 7 more fish fell for this lure including a massive 51cm bass! All through the rest of the warm season this lure is a killer and more times than not, it has really saved the day! Be it from the shore or a boat this lure has won its place as one of my favourite bass lures.

A 51 cm bass that fell for the GUNKI FIX MINNOW.

Its standard size of 10cm is the perfect imitation of the prey bass usually hunt. Available in six colours, there is one for every situation: low or bright light, clear or cloudy water, prey species... The ones that I have had the best results so far are the : Smoking Blue, Pumpkin Red Flake and Ghost Fry. I love to rig it on a weightless texas style hook, the grove on its belly and back have been specially designed for this type of fishing. I use it with the IRON-T S-210 ML, 3.5-15 g, rod a 0.08 mm SLIDE BRAID. On to this I will tie a PEZON &MICHEL ICE fluorocarbone ranging from 0.19 to 0.24 mm depending on the venue. With its 7 grams and high density due to the salt it contains, it is dead easy to fish. Even on the most powerful casts, the hook stays it place and even after a 100 casts, the lures still looks new. You can catch 4 or 5 fish on the same lure and it will still look as if it has just come out of the packet. It is a perfect all round lure with GUNKI value for money!

The perfect bass GUNKI combo!

Animation wise, well of course it will depend on the fish and the depth of the venue. 9 times out of 10 I use it with minimalistic style animations as I use the FIX MINNOW mainly to fish "snaggy" zones : under overhanging trees, under water branches... Bas love these kind of hiding spots where they feel safe and can wait hidden for an unsuspecting meal to swim by. The trick is to cast the lure as close or as far into the obstacles. I let the lure sink as freely as possible and let it lay on the bottom 3 to 20 seconds without the slightest animation. As it sinks the FIX MINNOW will generate micro vibrations thanks to its V tail and roll from one side to other. By doing so the lure stays far longer in the " strike zone" giving Mr Bass all the time he needs to come and inspect the rude little fish that does not seem to even care about him! Concentration must be at its max during this phase. At the smallest "toc" or lateral movement of your line, strike! The salt, plus the shellfish attractant makes the fish really hold on longer to the FIX giving you a few precious extra seconds to set the hook. If during the descent nothing happens, give the lure a couple of sharp twitches to make it flick back up to the surface, then let it sink again. This is a great all year round animation that works just as well on cruising surface fish or ones hiding in the cover.

A deep cover bass.

When the fish are not in a biting mood, i.e. cruising around after baitfish, you need to use a more aggressive styled animation. Still rigged on a weightless texas style hook, you can make the FIX "walk the dog". To do so, you need to rapidly twitch your lure to make it snap right then left, just like you would do with a stick bait. Like before, try alternating animations and pauses (a lot shorter). When the fish are hunting it is deadly! The hook-up ratio is not far off 100%. You just have to be fast and accurate.

A fast and accurate cast + a FIX MINNOW = a bass in the boat!

Well, I hope I have convinced you that the FIX MINNOW is really worth it and that if you have not already adopted it for bass fishing, you will do very shortly. For me, it is simply my favourite bass minnow style soft lure! Hope you have a great season and that you will catch loads of lunkers!

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