Middle of May and it is my 2nd session on the Aube Lake. As soon as the boat is on the water I start prospecting with the sonar. Almost instantly I spot fish holding at 7 meters from the surface.

As I move the boat to no longer be directly above the fish, I cast an Orange Perch Kaiju 70S, let it sink to the right depth and…ok first fish on! I continue fishing switching techniques: lipless, crankbait, soft bait… 

Thanks to the sonar I find a really good shoal of baitfish, and decide to use a new lure from the 2014 range: the Silent Ghost Mud Wagasaki Kaiju 70S. Again first cast first hit but I sadly lose the fish after only 50cm

The whole zone « smells » of fish, and I get quite a few to react to the vibration that the Kaiju produces, but only when I switch back to the Orange Perch color do I get a real hit, and another pike joins me in the boat!

As I crisscross this small zone as the fish roll in, I catch a few on the Fera color Gunki 20cm Roller Gun, but the color of the day is without doubt orange and in the soft bait range the Roller and Speed Gun in Orange Fluo Yellow do the trick. But as at the beginning of the day, the lure that brings me the most bites and fish is the Kaiju 70S Orange Perch!

As you’ve probably noticed, on the different photos, the snap is not in the same position, this one of the Kaiju’s secrets, by just using a different position I can completely change the vibrations that the lure will produce. And depending on what the fish want it can be the key to success!

So if the fish want rattles and fancy orange, you know what lure you must not forget: the Orange Perch Kaiju 70S !

See you soon