I was lucky enough to test fish some of the first samples of the new 2018 GUNKI soft bait, named the TIPSY-S XL. I have put it to the test in several conditions and overall I have to say I am thrilled with this new lure. Not only does it swim with very nice kicking action, creating loads of vibrations, it is also available in 2 perfect crossover size (7.6 & 10 cm) and a fantastic range of colours.

The GUNKI TIPSY-S XL rigged on a 10 gram G'SKULL jighead.

Just a few of the awesome colours.

During the first test I rigged the TIPSY-S XL on a light 10 gram G'SKULL jig head. I was fishing a shallow urban area from the boat, a place with depths of 2,5 – 4 meters. What I immediately found remarkable was the amount of resistance the TIPSY-S XL created in the water. Thanks to the ‘ribs’ on this lure, it moves a lot of water. The "loud" and "wide" kicking tail action makes the whole bait go wild and I strongly believe the ribs on this soft bait are transferring these vibrations far better than just a normal, smooth flat body. For me, this really attracts active fish from a distance, and triggers non active ones. It is great for slow retrieves as the lure moves with the slightest movement enabling  the fish to have more time to track and grab it.

This zander fell for the TIPSY-S XL during the first test. Happy me!

When fishing for zander I usually prefer a bit bigger lures. One of the next test sessions was a day dedicated to targeting perches. I usually use soft lures ranging between 7 and 12 cm for zander, so I decided to switch from the 10 cm to the 7,6 cm Tipsy-S XL. It only took about 10 casts before a this big ass perch grabbed the lure.

I think the perch like this lure as much as Fred & I do!


The last test session I did with the Tipsy-S XL was an evening out on the belly boat. Before night kicked in I managed to catch several nice sized perches with the lure. As the darkness thickened, the zander woke up. I deeply believe that the strong action of this lure makes it extremely effective in low-light conditions. After a few smaller zander I managed to hook nicer fish. The bites you get in the pitch black are just incredible!

A cool night zander on the TIPSY-S XL.

This lure will soon be in all the shops over Europe, and believe me, the Tipsy-S XL and its insane vibrations can really make a difference!


Tight lines,

Simon Torenbeek