Making the most of two days without clients, with Loïc and Eddy (two other guides / friends), we decided to prospect a nearby lake of about 100 hectares, that potentially had a good stock of pike. As with quite a few venues of the region, you are only allowed to fish it using electric motors.

For the first day we choose to fish the margins that were covered in dense vegetation. To do so I selected the GUNKI SPINNAKER ½ and the ITOKA 210 F that I rig on the YURAI C 210-H (10-35gr) rod. Fishing like this we had a dozen bites, but only managed to catch one fish of about 60 cm!

Our lure selection.

Sadly the pike really did not seem active, despite really good weather conditions. Well, almost really good conditions considering the impressive storm that broke halfway through the afternoon. At least I was able to test my new Hydro Gear jacket and trousers!

Best way to test my new Hydro Gear jacket and trousers.

The next day Eddy joined us and we opted to try for pike pelagic style. For this style of prospection I chose to use the Yurai 240 XH (20-60gr) casting rod paired with the BCR 400 HD casting reel. This combo was just perfect to fish with the ZIGRA 130F, the Itoka 210F, the DOGORA WAKE 170F and the 14 cm G’BUMP. Loïc caught the first fish mid-morning on a floating jerk, a nice pike of 83 cm.

A nice 83 cm pike caught on the ZIGRA.

Much like the day before, the fish followed, but we just could not get them to bite. At last, just after lunch, Eddy hooked a healthy pike of 88 cm on a Peacock 210 Itoka.

The Itoka 210, the lure of the day!

I managed to catch a small pike of 65 cm on a G’Bump rigged on a 15 g G’FISH head.

When the fishing gets tough a soft bait can save the session.

We had loads of fish follow our lures, but only a few bites. This really didn’t matter as we had come to prospect this new venue for future clients. Now we knew where the fish were hiding and which lures to use to get them to react!

One of those magical moments!

See you soon on the water


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