When you talk about lure fishing for trout, you general think of hard lures like spoons or minnows. It would be a shame to not make the most of the fantastic fish catching power of soft lure. Whether shad, finesse or creature style, they can really be a game changer when the fishing gets tough.

As with other lures, the wide panel of shapes and sizes enable the angler to face any situation that nature can imagine.

The gear

To target trout with soft lures you need kit that will enable you to feel everything that is happening underneath the surface. My choice rod for this style of fishing is the 3-15g GUNKI STREET FISHING S-228 M/ML rod. It is a little gem that combines sensitivity and awesome power with outstanding casting performances. Paired with the size 1500 THG FV reel, you have the perfect combo for fishing trout on soft lures. Despite what the vast majority of anglers prefer, I like to use braid. This type of line gives me instantaneous and essential information and the rod’s soft action limits the risk of losing a fish. Depending on the conditions, a 0.15 to 0.19 mm fluorocarbon leader is all that you need to complete your setup.

My trout combo: STREET FISHING S-228 M/ML + THG FV 1500.

Shad style lures

These are my choice lures for prospecting a maximal volume of water. To do so, the Tipsy-S and the Whiz from the Gunki range are perfect. The vibrations that they produce enable you to cover a far great area than a finesse style lure. Ideal when the water is murky or when the current is making a lot of ‘noise’. I simply cast the lure across the river, wait until it sinks to the bottom and reel it in letting the current do the rest. Like that your lure will curve through the river making it an easy meal for a hungry fish.

Where is my Tipsy?

Finesse style lures

Well, time to talk about my little favourite one, the Kiddy! The absence of paddle enables this lure to be worked with a specific darting action. When I twitch the lure, it darts from left to right in a truly irresistible way. With a bit of practice, you can literally make it dart on the spot! A triangular shaped head like the Gunki G’Slide is essential for this style of animation. What is more, their hydro-profiled shaped, helps your rig get to the bottom of the river faster. You just need to cast upstream, let it reach the bottom and then twitch it as you reel it in.

The Kiddy, my favourite one!

Creature style lures

I use this type of lure when the other two do not get the fish to bite. The Gunki Naiad and its multiple hypermobile appendices mimic a tasty little invertebrate that trout just cannot resist. Now you need to slow your fishing down as much as possible, a bit like you would when using an earthworm. You really need to read the river and prospect lane by lane, letting your lure drift as naturally as possible. The current and the Naiad’s appendices will do the rest!

The Naiad, the creature to use when fishing gets hard.


The choice of colours is way easier than the shape of lure! Depending on the type of environment, I use the most natural one possible. Gremille or Ghost Brown is perfect if there are minnows and the darker variation like the Motoroil Red or the Shiner Wakasagi if there are leaches. Do not forget to pack some Fire Tiger ones just in case. Sometimes, when the light is low or when freezing temperatures have locked the fish’s mouth shut, it can do the trick!

Have great trout season with loads of brown monsters.