As a fanatic pike fisherman I fish this magnificent creature in all types of water. Big bodies of water, river systems or canals, I love just love to catch these grumpy green eating machines.

Because half of Holland is below sea level, we have a lot of big and small canals. These canals hold a lot of fish, including my favourite one. To catch them I use a lot of different techniques, but I think the coolest way to catch them is lure fishing.

I usually use my Gunki Saburau Hayashi (2,10m & 7 – 28 gr) because thanks to this rod I can use a wide variety of lures. The Itoka 155F and the GrubbySshad 4,1"  are really must haves in this type of polder style waters.

Because of its removable lip, the Itoka 155F is acts like a two in one lure. While using it with the lip, the swimbait dives to approximately 1 meter, and that's just perfect for these types of water.

Whenever I reach a spot that's shallower or a place that contains lots of weed, I remove the lip just by simply unclipping it. The now 'lipless' Itoka 155F swims even more naturally, but now it's become a subsurface lure! Two baits in one!

The Grubby Shad 4,1" is favourite as well. Combining it with a weedless texas hook, a light 3 grams jighook, a fix'n flash spinnerblade or any other fancy accessory, the permutations are endless. The thick profile of this softbait makes it cast easy and its tail gives the Grubbyshad a natural swimming action. I never use a stinger hook on this lure since its tail is really soft. This snack simply gets inhaled by the pike every time, hooking the fish is hardly ever a problem.

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