When autumn starts, so does the predator season and that also means that it’s time to go looking for ‘Mike the Pike’ !

Of course the weed beds less dense in comparison to the middle of summer, but in some spots they still reach the surface.

Being easier for pike to hunt there that is where they are likely to be hiding, waiting for their prey to swim by. But the question is... how do WE fish these zones and catch those pike hidden between the beds of water lilies?

This time, the first spot I wanted to try was between the water lilies, the problem is that if you want to use hardbaits, you can only do so when finding big holes and it becomes impossible when it’s too dense.

This is the perfect moment to tie on a spinnerbait: you can guide them nicely between the lily pads without snagging; they are the perfect lure for these spots. Thanks to the strong vibrations they produce, they work like magnets on pike.

If this is not sufficient to get a pike to I "pimp" my spinner bait; I add a GUNKI Sweep Gun to the hook which boosts the vibrations produced.

Next option was the weeds beds and I can tell you, there are loads of them around here. These zones are rarely fished as virtually all the lures get snagged. It is impossible to fish them with minnow, popper or stickbaits and even spinnerbaits, if you can guide them through it at all, are not guaranteed to stay free of weed.

This means that there is only one solution left: «soft baits»!

To present these baits on the surface, you can rig them on a normal wide gape hook or use an offset hook.

In order to fish soft baits a bit deeper, I use weighted wide gape hooks, as these enable you to guide the bait perfectly through the weed and at greater depths.

The Roller Gun and the Grubby Shad are particularly good in these situations and I was able to “lure” a few pike from the weedy depths.

Of course, I used my beloved Itoka now and then, casting it along the borders of the weed and lily beds. Almost every session this brings me a nice bonus pike.

If you do have weed beds like this in the waters you fish, don't avoid them as they are rarely properly fished and if so, only half-heartedly. No one really concentrates on them and fishes directly into the weed. That is one mistake you must not make !

Until next time.

Tight Lines!