In most regions of France it has been the closed season for predatory fishing since the 26th of January; so time to start preparing for the trout season as there are only a few weeks left to wait!

For me, it will be in the Pyrenees, well, water levels permitting because there’s lot of snow and if it has started melting…

As these mountain waters are very cold the best choice will be ledgering with earth worms in any calm or protected areas where the fish will be hiding. In cold conditions these are their favored spots as they will be using less energy.

But first of all, it’s time to review the gear, just to make sure all is ok before the season starts. First thing is to change the line, the smaller the diameter (12-15°°) the quicker it wears. I use the Color Line Bi-Color nylon which gives fantastic visibility, even in low light conditions.

This year I will be using the new Gunki FG FV 150 reel. Even if a reel is new out of the box or even more so if it has got a few seasons under the spool, a little drop of oil or a smear of grease on the working parts can make a big difference.

Don’t forget to check your rod, especially the guides. I use the top range Eaux Vives Feather Weight rod that I find perfectly balanced and with awesome casting abilities; key factors when fishing in damp conditions. When not in use, I always store it in a rigid transport tube, believe me, it has saved countless rods!

Next thing to check is the terminal tackle. The special worm or live bait (insects) hooks are classed by size in the new Gunki MM tackle box next to the line guides (I use different colours depending on light conditions). If you experience line tangles, a few micro swivels can save the day!

I always use the ultra soft Sensas lead weights as you can change their position (with a Stonfo tweezer) without damaging the leader.

At the beginning of the season, the leader diameter I use will range from 10 to 14°° and preferably in a low elasticity transparent nylon.

All the kit is stored in the multipurpose, instant “hands on” Eaux Vives Héritage chest pack.

Last but not least, don’t forget the landing net, preferably with rubber coated mesh as this helps protect the fish. I use the Specialist racket net which I carry on my back thanks to a magnet.

Well all is ready for the first day of the season, one that I will spend with some of my closest friends and hopefully a few nice trout !

Good season to all

See you soon

Jean-Mi, fishing Guide in the Aveyron: