We are delighted to welcome the famous TIPSY lure to the BASS ADDICT world! Keeping all the great TIPSY XL characteristics but with a curly tail that adds an extra dimension to the bass angler’s armoury. The curly tail moves a lot of water and gives off signals that can be picked up from a distance. Bring it back on the surface or over lily pads and weeds to generate a buzzing that will interest the most apathetic fish. Left to a straight drop the tail starts working so you can jig the lure vertically with tiny movements- in a hole in the weeds, for example. Great on a classic jig head or a Texan rig. Slits in the back allow you to hold the hook perfectly in place and the rounded belly profile keeps the lure stable. Salted to the core and impregnated with shellfish attraction. This is a lure you know will work!