Modern big bait fishing requires baitcasting style reels to partner rods like the SHIGEKI, the IRON-T and our YURAI XXH. This Gunki reel fits the bill perfectly. Firstly it is a solid piece of kit with a relatively slow ratio (4.7/1) to give you more control over the retrieve speed. The reel is powerful and deliberately asymmetric to give you better grip as the body casing on the right hand side is slightly smaller. The oval line guide helps with fluid long distance casting with thick monos. Designed and built for use on specimen sized fish with the crank power to work big lures properly and the strength to bring hard fighting specimen fish under control!

Plus points!
- Ergonomic shape for easy handling
- High quality stainless bearings
- Infinite anti-reverse
- Aluminium spool
- Powerful and progressive fighting drag
- Oval line guide
- 'Easygrip' handle