The ultimate versatile reel! Perfect for anglers who can’t decide between a classic match reel and a feeder reel. This model lets you swap between the two techniques. The gearing is smooth and powerful and the long armed handle makes winding easy. Fitted with a free-spool function that is perfect for targeting big fish on bolt rigs and method feeders. The fighting drag is fitted with carbon washers and designed to handle big fish. This model will cope with every situation!

Plus points:
• Body and rotor in light and strong composite material
• Infinite anti-reverse
• Shallow aluminium spool
• Metal line clip
• Spare aluminium spool
• S-curve spiral oscillation system
• Long life pick-up spring
• Consolidated bail arm
• Anti-spin line guide
• Progressive micrometric drag system
Aluminium Long-arm handle
• “Sensigrip” handle