Compact reel well suited to waggler fishing with rods from 12-14ft. Perfectly balanced, the reel has a particularly smooth rotor which makes fishing fluid and comfortable. The micrometric drag can be fine-tuned to suit different hooklength diameters. The wide spool is fitted with Long Cast lips not only guarantees excellent casting performance but protects your reel line from wear! A classy product that is sure to find favour with demanding match anglers.

Plus points:
- Body and rotor in light and strong composite material
- Infinite anti-reverse
- Aluminium spools “shallow lip” and LC (long cast) lip*
*designed for a more fluid line transit over the spool lip for better casting performance.
- Metal line clip
- Spare aluminium spool
- S-curve spiral oscillation system
- Long life pick-up spring
- Consolidated bail arm
- Anti-spin line guide
- Progressive micrometric drag system
- One touch fold away handle
- 'Sensigrip' handle