This swimbait 'two sections' was developed from the original design of the OTACHI jerk bait. His compact and bulky body, was the perfect shape for a lure capable of evolving under the surface at very low speed. Its size of 135mm and weight of 53.50gr are perfect to track big pike, without having to use oversize equipment. But his greatest strength his without a doubt his ability to move (“S action” swimming) with ultra-slow linear recovery. The quality of the strike will be incomparable to other! Small tip: if you have to slow down your SCUNNER and get a wider swim, remove the hook from the back of the lure. Equipped with an eye under the head specifically to add a weight (John Weight), the SCUNNER will be able to evolve more deeply, in different layers of water. It will then be easy for you to adapt it to the ideal depth of your spot and / or according to the day's ability of the fish to 'climb' to attack a prey. Belly hook are mounted on rolling swivel and the tail is removable.