These reels are a distillation of the very latest technologies to produce two top quality models with very precise gearing for ultra-smooth winding that you will appreciate particularly when playing hard fighting fish. Very light and compact. We have selected a carbon composite material for the body and rotor as it offers the best balance between weight and strength. The reel handle is screwed directly into the command gear and eliminates any risk of play when winding and adds extra cranking power when playing large fish. Multi disk micrometric drag system is protected by a waterproof seal so it stays running smoothly no matter what the weather. Drag power: 4kg THG FV 1500/ 7kg THG FV 2500.

Plus Points:
- Compact design
- Exceptionally smooth
- Carbon composite body – ultra-light and strong
- Precision turned stainless ball bearings
- All key areas treated against corrosion – (main shaft, handle shaft and rollers)
- Integrated infinite anti-reverse
- Aluminium spools “shallow lip” and LC (long cast) lip*
*designed for a more fluid line transit over the spool lip for better casting performance.
- Ultra-S curve cross spiral oscillation system
- Long-life pickup spring
- Oversized titanium line guide with anti-spin technology