Our new THG FV 4000LC is a great addition to our top end range of GUNKI reels. Designed for targeting big pike and zander with big lures. The reel is packed with technical innovations like ultra-smooth gearing for extra power and comfort when playing big fish. The body and rotor are made from a carbon composite material that perfectly blends strength and low weight. The design is light and compact and the handle turns directly into the command gear ensuring extra cranking power and eliminating any chance of play in the handle. The multidisk micrometric drag system is smooth, powerful and sealed with a waterproof joint for extra security. Drag power 9kg.

Plus Points:
- Compact design
- Exceptionally smooth
- Body made from ultra-light strong carbon composite
- High precision stainless steel bearings
- Key parts treated against corrosion ( main shaft and command gear, bearings)
- Integrated infinite anti-reverse
- Aluminium 'shallow spool ' & 'LC Lips '* spools
*(Smoother line release from spool for extra casting distance)
- Ultra S-Curve oscillation system (crossed spires)
- Long life pick-up spring
- Oversized Titanium anti-twist line guide
- Progressive micrometric multi-disk drag
- Wide drag washers for better grip and extra power
- Handle screwed directly into command gear (smoother more accurate running)
- Ergonomic Sensigrip handle