Developed specifically for sea fishing, our GUNKI UMI reel range complement our great GUNKI UMI rods. Fished together you will find the perfect combo for all sea fishing lure styles from traction fishing, vertical style jigging and drifting. The reels excel at distance casting featuring oversized rotors and spools, long cast spool lips and cross spiral line lay. The drags have been specially tuned to cope with hard fighting sea species both in terms of ruggedness and power (the FV30 =6kg and FV40 & FV 50 10kg). The spool capacity with the reducers in is ideal for using with braid. A lot of work has gone into the ratios on each reel balancing the spool size so that lures can be worked fast without being too tiring on the angler. The gearing is robust with a bronze command gear and ant-corrosion treatments applied to working parts. The perfect reels for hard fighting sea fish and intensive lure fishing. Ideal for bass, cod, Pollock etc.

Plus Points:
- Dedicated lure fishing model
- High retrieve ratio
- Suitable for sea fishing
- Durable construction
- Body and rotor made from light and tough composite material
- High precision stainless steel bearings
- Key parts treated against corrosion ( main shaft and command gear)
- Infinite anti-reverse
- Aluminium 'shallow spool ' & 'LC Lips '*spools
*(Smoother line release from spool for extra casting distance)
- Ultra S-Curve oscillation system (crossed spires)
- Long life pick-up spring
- Oversized Titanium anti-twist line guide
- Progressive and powerful micrometric drag (FV25 & FV30 =6kg – FV40 & FV50 =10kg)
- Easygrip handle