Rods developed for vertical fishing but designed so they can be used with other styles.
The GUNKI CHOOTEN C 183MH is a classic vertical rod like the GUNKI CHOOTEN S- 183MH model but with a casting reel seat and more power in the butt. Great for fishing at angles or diagonals off the rear of a boat particularly if you are steering at the same time. The rod has all the characteristics of a great light linear rod for shore fishing or for quick prospections using small to medium blade baits.
With plenty of power in the butt section, our CHOOTEN C 193H rod is ideal for targeting big fish. Will handle big lures and heavy fishing styles. Whether you are fishing overgrown banksides, working round sunken features or targeting deep posted fish this rod has the power to tame big fish and get them quickly away from trouble. Great rod for all power styles where precision is important and ideal for float tube angling using heavy rubber jigs.