The KIDDY is a finesse lure par excellence! We have worked hard to create the perfect imitation of a prey fish. The silhouette is identical to a small fish, the oversized realistic eye, the rounded pectoral fin designed to attract predators preying on fry. The long shad type tail gives off lively but tight vibrations that work particularly well on perch and zander. The split tail vibrates at the slightest movement. The bright flanks are easily spotted and shimmer from top to bottom flashing seductively. The large head makes hooking easy no matter what rig you are using – drop shot, jighead etc. There is a slit along the back for Texan style hooks. Great all-round lure for finesse-style tactics on pressurised venues where bites are delicate and fish are focused on preying on small fry. Flavoured with shellfish attractant