Unique head design ensures that the Spinnaker has a low balance point which helps keep the lure stable when retrieved and horizontal as it sinks. Great for slow rolling type retrieves. This spinnerbait has a few other special features. Great balance is also an advantage when power fishing as it stays stable when drawn between obstacles. The silicone skirt, made up of 24 separate silicone strands, adds volume and looks like a much bigger prey fish. 0.9mm stainless wire needle has the right balance between strength and flexibility. The oversized Willow blade gives a 'parachute' effect as the bait sinks. Fitted with a quality bearing swivel that starts rotating immediately. The skirt is secured by wire thread whipping, the wire needle is soldered to trap the Willow blade, a realistic 3D eye, secure fitting for taking a trailer bait, rubber security ring on the needle. This is a top quality versatile lure that can be adapted on any fishing situation! Willow #5 blade Colorado #2 blade and Mustad 4/0 hook