Our GUNKI Big Bait reel is the perfect balance between line capacity, raw power and compactness. Designed for targeting hard fighting fish with medium to large baits- ideal for pike fishing with swimbaits and big jerks. This reel is so comfortable thanks to the low-profile body that sits perfectly in your hand. The versatile spool ratio suits a variety of lure styles without having to change retrieve seed excessively. The reel is tough featuring a bronze command gear and carbon-disk drag system. The perfect partner for our IRON T CHOOTEN Powercast and Swim series of rods. Handle on the left.

Plus Points:
- Compact Big Bait reel
- Comfortable to hold
- Powerful and robust
- Sensitive parts treated against corrosion
- Single piece aluminium body
- High precision stainless steel bearings
- Infinite anti-reverse
- Large capacity spool (0.33mm/ 240m), in perforated aluminium
- Multidisc drag (carbon disks), powerful and progressive (9kg)
- Dual control centrifugal magnetic casting drag ( zero frictions)
- Ergonomic Easygrip handle