After a great day spent fishing trout in the mountain range of the Connemara with Danny and my friends from Normandy, (click on the link to read part 1), it was time to see if we could catch a few from the banks of Lough Mask. This type of fishing is a bit like playing Russian roulette. It really depends where you fish on the lake and the banks are treacherous, the water is filled with sharp rocks and ledges.

It was hard bait time again. The 1st fish of the day was for me not exactly the species we had come for but, not that I’d complain. It’s not every day that a fat 93cm pike takes my Gunki Gamera 63HW. On a 0.10mm braid and 0.22mm leader until the fish was landed the outcome was far from certain! Luckily, when the fish swallowed my lure I was perched on a rock and thanks to the leverage of the Eaux Vives Instinct 240 rod, I was able to steer it clear of the sharp edges. As soon as he could, Danny scooped it out of the water and after a quick photo session, I let it swim back into the dark waters of the Lough.

It would be the only pike of the session, but not the only fish! Once everyone had grasped the technique of the day, the trout where almost easy to catch! The trick was to “twitch the minnow”, basically you had to continuously reel and twitch the lure at the same time. Every now and then, you had to stop the lure, not for long but, just enough to give the fish time to violently attack it! There may be many trout lurking here but, catching them can be really tricky some days.

As my friends had to pack to go home and I had to prepare my gear for the next client, mid-day came way too soon, time really does fly when you’re having a good time. On the way back, I couldn’t help looking back over the last few days and feeling nostalgic about the great time we had spent together but also realizing just how lucky I was to be here!

If you want to discover this magical region, its breathtaking landscape and unforgettable fish, just contact me and let me be your guide.

See you soon.


Guillaume LE GARREC