While many of my friends are fishing for trout, it is their cousin, dear Mr Labrax that I am going to target.

And 2017 has already started really well!  The water temperature is higher than usual at this time of year which explains why the sand eels and sprat closely followed by the sea bass, famished after spawning,  can be found on our coasts.

A nice post spawn sea bass.

At the start of the season I really like to use casting jigs. As I mainly fish sandy beach areas, a casting jig and the new GUNKI UMI S-270 XH or  S-250 XH + rods enable you to reach insane distances. These lures are also ideal to fish quite deep as the fish will be holding quite deep due to the cool water. Last but not least, at this time of year, the sea bass tend to focus on small fry size prey and these lures are just perfect for that.

The new GUNKI UMI rods good looking and great quality.

The GUNKI SWM FV reel, built to resist the elements.

There is another technique that I use at the beginning of the season and that has caught some quite nice fish since early April : soft lures. The range of soft lures that GUNKI offers is renown for freshwater anglers, but is also really effective for saltwater applications. The V2iB is an almost perfect sand eel imitation, the WHIZ rigged on a G'SLIDE jig head is an absolute must have and the G'BUMP and its powerful paddle calls them from far. Be warned, you'll not only catch sea bass! I have to admit that there's one lure that is way above all the other so far and that is the 10,5 cm Red Ghost GUNKI V2iB which helped me catch no less than 12 fish on my last session!

A magnificent Gurnard caught on a GUNKI V2iB rigged on a G'SLIDE jig head.

Whatever the conditions, in the GUNKI range there is always a lure or gear that will save the day. The wide selection of lures and new GUNKI UMI range of rods will cover the vast majority of saltwater techniques : offshore inchiku or madaï, hard of soft lures... you name they can take it!

A selection of fish that all fell for GUNKI lures.

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See you soon, I am off fishing!