An exciting and innovative concept in float tube fishing that is modular, adjustable and can be added to as you go along! Now you can personalise your float tube set up in a way that suits you! Our SQUAD and FURTI-V float tubes are two technically different products yet the accessories that come with each one are complementary and can be swapped and added to either float tube.The key elements are the pockets-specially designed to hold all your accessories. They can be positioned where you want round the float tube so you can organise your fishing station to suit the way you fish! He main features of our removable and modular pocket system are:- Select the right pocket size for different venues- Swap over pockets for different venues and styles of fishing- They can be positioned exactly where you want round the float tube so they don’t hinder your fishing action- You can take them off the float tube to reduce weight when carrying it- You can do all the preparation at home and have made up pockets ready to go- All your tackle can be transported separately from the tube and quickly dried out, for example, after each trip- You can keep your pockets if you change model of GUNKI float tubeAlso available are a range of accessories from rod roosts to waterproof side trays to complement your GUNKI float tube system and get you perfectly set up in the water.