The sickle shaped tail on the TIPSY C-XL shifts a lot of water and can be detected by fish a long way off. Fished on the surface or just above weedbeds the lure will buzz back creating enough disturbance to attract even the wariest predator to investigate. On the bottom and around obstacles the attraction is equally strong. Fished on the drop the tail will twitch and pule at the tiniest impulsion. Can be fished on a classic jig head or a Texan rig. The lure moves plenty of water without pulling too hard on the rod and is very effective when fish are wary of strong vibrations. The body features slits, a flat back to perfectly position your hook and is very stable in the water. Works well as a trailer on spinner baits, rubber jigs or bladed jigs. This size works particularly well on perch and zander when they are fixated on small fry. Flavoured with aniseed.