The start of the season is great to fish for pike from the bank. During springtime, the vast majority of species take their turn reproducing in the margins. First to start, the pike then make the most of it while their prey are intent on very important matters! Weedy, well exposed and shallow margins are prime zones that you must not overlook. The pike can be hidden right in the middle of the vegetation, but most of the time they will be lurking just next to it, where the weeds stop. When fishing from the edge, choosing the right spots is the key to success. Rather than trying to fish X kilometres of bank, you’re better off walking from hot spot to hot spot.

The new Gunki King Gamera 150 SP

To fish for pike from the bank, I do prefer using quite long rods, and the one I really like for that is the YURAI C 240 XH. If there are overhanging trees or obstacles where I am fishing, in that case I’ll opt for a spinning version. You need a serious reel for this style of fishing, and for that the BC 300 XHD or the  THG 4000 spooled with 0.22 or 0.25mm SLIDE BRAID IRON T is just perfect.


Springtime is great for fishing for pike with hard lures. Here’s a selection that I always have with me:

  • GAMERA KING 150 SP and the GAMERA 128SP for stop-and-go style animation, a must have for this time of the year!
  • OTACHI 125 and 100 S for more aggressive swimming action
  • DOGORA 100 F which can get the laziest fish to react
  • ITOKA 155 F and 210 S for a subtle action and the new SCUNNER 125 S that is rapidly going to become a reference in pike fishing.

Wake them up with the Dogora 100 F

In the cold spring waters pike tend to react really well to blades. So, I also pack some GRUBBY FLASH, ½ and ¾ Oz SPINNAKER and BOOMER 21 gr spiced with V²IB. I also add a few soft lures just in case:

  • TIPSY XL 130 for light weight application just above the weed beds
  • PEPS 150 rigged on a G’FLIP to fish drop-offs with a jerky-style animation
  • GRUBBY FROG on a Texas style hook to fish right in the middle of the cover or on a 15 to 21 gr G’ROUND jig head for high-speed cast and retrieve animations
  • 10 cm GRUBBY SHAD which despite its small size makes the big mamas react. The new 10 cm, Green Perch is going to be a killer this year!

A Peps + G'Flip, the perfect combo for deeper zones

Packed correctly, all these lures fit into the small PIKE ADDICT tackle box. Really it does, you just have to limit yourself to 2 colours of each model, easier said than done! The choice of the right backpack is also very important especially if you are going out for long sessions. The new IRON T SHOULDER BAG is great for « on the walk” session as it enables easy access to your gear and is really comfortable. Often left behind, a good landing net is essential, even more so if you’re fishing on your own. The Gunki FAST STREET handle is pure magic. Only 60 cm long when folded, it extends to 1.80 m with just one hand! A must have for the angler and paramount for respecting the fish.

A good old jerk bait like the Otachi 125 S will get the job done


Have a great season and if you have any questions, send me a message via Facebook.


David Pierron, Fishing Guide in the east of France.